Why PAM for your brokerage?


Revitalize Training

We harness your tried and true practices and morph them into practical and testable material for the modern learner.  All courses can be adjusted and customized as your needs change.


Increase Profit

Maximize agents' success by empowering them with the knowledge and tools needed to excel, while reducing liability for your brokerage


Save Time

Agents will be able to refer to the training when questions arise, saving the broker valuable time that could be focused on other money-making aspects of the business.



PAM at a glance


Easy Implementation  

Simply utilize the three beautiful and fully furnished courses to get rolling on day one.  Edit as you wish.  Our graphical layout and HTML converter make it easy to create attractive courses.


The platform is fully responsive and looks good on any device.


Create fun games that will further engage your agents and post scores to poke the competitive spirit.






Create Badges  

Reward your agents with unique badges proving a specific skill.


Trigger actions when users complete tasks saves you time and creates a personal connection with the agent.


Test your agents with up to 12 types of assessments from quizzes, tests, surveys, to debates.  


Utilize the messaging system to provoke conversations between agents.