After my stint in Public Education and practicing Real Estate Law, I became a Realtor®. After passing the less-than-stimulating required tests, I found a few useful support tools to assist me in my new career and my broker at the time had no formal training. I felt lost amongst the millions of realtors in the market and also learned that 87% of real estate agents fail in the first five years due to a lack of adequate training. It was that moment when I set out on a mission to create real estate training that will help other agents and their Brokers to create and deploy more effective training. My team and I are proud to have created proven Real Estate Training Courses along with a deployment tool that allows Brokerages to use our courses, edit them, and/or create custom real estate training just for their team. We hope that we will help guide you through the challenges of real estate education.

-Nicole Blair, Founder & CEO